Wednesday, 27 July 2011

SALA preview...

A sampling of some of the work that will be out for SALA month in Adelaide....
yep this falls within my philosophy that 'you can never have too many SHINOS!!' Some of the shows I'll be at Golden Grove Sala show Golden Grove Arts Centre, '3 Seasons in One Day' Q Gallery At Woodside, St Ignatius Art Show and SALA on SALE.. hope to see you out and about it's a busy month and the catalogue is full of great shows! must get my calendar out :))

spectacular dunt action...

my fav...

and a big yey for zyg this is 'his' chun recipe that he posted a short while ago over my darkest celedon glaze


  1. the green grabs me- i love a bit of color!

  2. hehehhe kinda stands out eh meredith :))

    hey judi thanks, tiles will be out soon.. some more printing to be done this afternoon, then get em in the kiln!!

  3. My favs are the round teapot and the little jug and sugar container - excellent!

  4. Great job, nothing better than shino on shino!

  5. I think some of your finest work yet, the teapots are FABULOUS! I see a little North Carolina influence sneaking in there just a tiny bit...
    Well done, and I agree with your philosophy, I love the shino!

  6. well thank you troy.. I'm enjoying the new glaze combos..

    trace sweet!!! thanks matey I think these were heavily influenced by NC.. it was a great time being immersed in all that wood firing and lovely rustic wares!!

  7. sheeny shiny shinos, lovely ang

  8. thanks Jim :)) I'm just starting to get ths brand new works out there into galleries for this month lets hope peeps take a liking to it!!!