Saturday, 23 July 2011

a smaller bung perhaps...

So post firing day headache again but it was a long day I started up the kiln at 8.30am and finished this morning at 12.30am.... I can see some mistakes a long the way where I assumed I would have no probs getting to temperature...oh how wrong can ya be?!!

I backed off the gas pressure when flames were gushing out of my bung at 800C...I can fairly assume now that there was not enough air in the kiln and any escape route was taken. So when ever I took out the bung flames gushed out!

I'll unload maybe later today or tomorrow if I can resist the sneak peek. Lessons learned don't back off the pressure on the gas line and 2 hours now means 2 hours added at the end of the firing :P
To be fair it was a very cold night and iced up tanks are hard to de-ice in very chilly conditions prob about 6C last night..

Anyhoo a new smaller bung I think is called for and check the aperture of the exit flue and prob the air intakes around the burners too.. I didn't think there would be that much change to the firing conditions of my modified kiln but there ya go always stuff to learn hey!!