Tuesday, 25 October 2011

stirling idea...

Yep it's that time of the year!! the sun is shining and the marketeers are out enjoying it...It was a beautiful day in the hills yesterday, some very balmy weather brought out the crowds, some of whom have realised it's time to start shopping... others more reluctant

Waldorf Spring Fair had been moved to next saturday so luckily this wkd wasn't a double header market wise.. The usual events of grannies taking a stumble down the giddy ramp that is between the lower level where our stall is and the high road.... dogs taking a dislike to each other, kiddies in despair!! usually about being stuck in a pusher they would rather be steering and of course the lovely peeps that come into our stall and talk pots!!! they're cool!!

Music wise we had a couple of extremes with the buskers yesterday, we had the teen who played everything a bit too anxty!! and our friend Raj and his buddy who thumped out a good tune or three!! pity about my poor head after Johns' 50th up the road the night before... I was a tad doofed out.


  1. Great video. I finally sat down with my imovie and figured it out. They are really fun to make aren't they?!
    I soooo wish we had a market around here like yours. It would make doing outdoor shows much more pleasant!

  2. :)) brilliant trace i look forward to seeing something from you soon then !! the good ones are few and far between eh.....

  3. Hi Ang
    Looks great! You should do a movie workshop!! Cheers!

  4. lovely pieces and such a variety, looks like a great market.

  5. hey conne yep a vid tutorial that has been requested so when i have a mo it will happen ...

    hi mieke thanks and welcome to my place :)) hope you're having lovely weather up there...

  6. hi ang,
    the weather's getting worse here so it must be getting good there. hope you did well at the fair, the wares look good. i'm wondering... i must have been "doofed out" myself at one time or another.

  7. howdy jim, its getting warm yey!! it seems to have taken forever this year and hopefully you have a mild winter! I bet you have been doofed out jim!! I sent an urban dictionary link to Judi the other day....I think it will be a great post addage... :))