Monday, 10 October 2011

my PORT festival wkd...

The Port Festival Wkd has been and gone and yes still recovering...I do love these big events but they are exhausting, Saturday was open 11am - 9pm and Sunday the same we did however start packing up at 8pm when it felt like a ghost town :P

Saturday evening was 'cool' we traversed the Port end with the street animations and all kinds of character and wandered the dock a little before piling in our cars and heading home.. Sunday despite the forecast showers was lovely and a different crowd came out which was also lovely... the music kept the day humming again.. a big yey to the event organisers and our friend Sharon who kept us in touch and was the person with all the info throughout the event, it really was well organised and sweets in the afternoon you guys have the touch :))

 here's a wee vid of the wkds events... of course the obligatory analysing and discussing of work and what works and what doesn't at these type of markets but all in all very enjoyable!!! but will we be back.....



  1. Festivals are so exhilarating, but leave one drained.

  2. hiya gz ... you said it!! I need another wkd.. :))

  3. Just once I would like to be a visitor at one of these festivals instead of a vendor. Glad you were able to have some fun, looks like a great weekend! I'm thinking this was my last year of the outdoor events....

  4. Yee-Haaw! What FUN -and look at all the GREAT work :) Love those prints(?) in the background as well.

  5. oh trace you would have enjoyed this one great music both days!! yep outdoors is so unpredictable weather wise we were lucky this year beautiful both days :))

    hey cindy, we are totally compatible when it come to setting out our work, mostly blocking by colour it seems to work well...and yep well spotted some lil birdie prints, i'd love to do some more!!