Saturday, 1 October 2011

today's studio...

A quick peek at todays studio work, the first of a long wkd's worth with a sweet introduction by a honeyeater hanging around my back door today munching on the Lime tree nectar :))


  1. Go girl! You have A LOT going on!

  2. Looks like work is flowing well.(even without the sound on the video!)

    I'd love as much room as that to work in!!

  3. Happy glazing Ang. It always takes every horizontal surface in the studio plus a few improvisations and ends with too many containers to wash.

  4. hey judi...multitasking!!! its the beginning of spring market season next wkd so i'm making full use of this long wkd :))

    hi gz it's crazy busy this week with firings back to back..

    dennis i love this big table.. it was a gift and i make full use of it come glazing time!

  5. I always cheep when you post a video. They're fun to watch and most informative. (NICE HANDLES!)
    Have you ever considered a tutorial on making videos?

    Cool little honeysucker. Is he a visitor or a resident? I've had a tufted titmouse hanging out by the pond for the last week.

  6. Weeellll.....I meant 'cheer'...but I think 'cheep' may be appropriate. ;)

  7. hey smarts.... :)) thanks!! lots of observing and absorbing of other peeps handles makes these guys...I prob have 3 or 4 different styles depending on the cup or mug shape..

    ahhh the vids i use imovie which makes life easy if it's not crashing on you!! I worked out that short clips are better at importing and editing for this reason!! I guess i could do a run down on how i put one together, will think on it, thanks.. that honeyeater has been hanging around for a while lots to eat at the mo :))