Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mondays Firing vid...

Monday being a public holiday gave me extra time last wkd to glaze load and fire my gas kiln and again she roared!!

I'm getting used to the super large bung hole its great you can see 3 shelves in one peep!

 I unloaded last night after unloading the bisq at the club...all good... everything survived, although i did steam overnight the most amazing thing was the mug shrinkage... So back to the gas kiln a good solid firing throughout, the different chun on my dk celedon has a much higher melt time so its a tad underdone but everything else is yummo and my raw glazed mountain survived ..

I'll take some better photos friday hopefully...happy firing :))



  1. It's all just getting better and better, yum!!!

  2. Your videos are Art about Art. Art Squared.Thanks.

  3. aww trace shucks, thanks sweet..

    nice one dennis , cheers!!

    i'll be taking much better images later, then you'll get to see the yummy details :))

  4. Do you keep a tame dragon on the premises?

  5. hey smarts....yep just a wee one in the studio :P

  6. cheers judi :)) that one was fun!!!!