Thursday, 20 October 2011

studio stuff...

It's time for my weekly catchup...

Last week was grab a few hours here and there in the studio but it really seemed to work head was uncluttered considering the amount of multitasking going on and the end result a bisque kiln load just finished this lunch time!!

Lots of lovely jugs and mugs that I got really carried away with scrolls and textures on the handles.. A couple of testers for watercolour tile illustrations I used MFQ which is just like porcelain when you wedge it...mmm lovely...

Theres a bunch of cat feeding bowls on my ware racks, some raku waiting to happen and some wee seasoning bowls for the table..

And last but not least if you're a fan on facebook you get to see whats been cooking for lunch!! but if you don't happen to be a facebooker here's todays cook up gluten free pasta, tomato based sauced with red capsicum, zucchini, mushroom, chilli and some grilled chicken...mmmm

 I'm getting sorted now for all the spring sales and markets plus the really crazy ones leading up to christmas...
 Ali and I are squeezing in a print on clay workshop next month ..

Plus I have my open studio on the 19th of November ...
get in touch with me if you need any more info for my open studio or the that's about it, I hope you're up to your elbows in the good stuff if you choose :P 


  1. really liking the little scrolls on those handles!

  2. All that beautiful bisque-ware and lunch too! Yummm!
    Good luck with all your spring sales!

  3. It's a crazy busy time of year isn't it! Maybe I need to go back to throwing on the wheel, look how much you have made! The pasta looks so pretty in that bowl, yum!

  4. hey patricia long time no chats!!! yep me feels like a really nice detail..

    hey judy, hey thanks I'm gonna need it they are quite challenging with all the travelling and setting up..and becoming sales person for the day..

    trace its just nuts but good at the same time!! yeh get back to it mix it up a little...cheers i couldn't let this bowl go its too sweet!! so its now another in my collection..

  5. I am digging those tiles! Something new? You are busy and unlike us enjoying summer goodies!

  6. hey meredith I do them this time of year, coming into summer I start playing with some fresh colours...the watercoloury wash is something i've wanted to do for a while and just happened to have a bag of MFQ, its a pain to throw with but great for rolling out!!! ahh nearly summer at last :P

  7. Your pieces are very lovely and impeccable made. Beautiful and smooth work.