Wednesday, 12 October 2011

shino's plus...

I spent the most part of yesterday doing a photo shoot of the last gas firing and here's a few results... It was indeed a great firing, I ran out of redgum chips and ended up using some pine bits but that was ok just not as much lustre as I would normally see. Now I have a few pieces to keep for exhibitions next year..

On the kiln side of things the exit flue has some damage.. It got pretty hot back there and now needs some repairs but all in hand!

So here's a few pics...

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  1. I am having a hard time getting your blog to load-
    Bowls look great now that I am there.

  2. cheers dennis

    meredith hey thats no good, maybe i need to find another slideshow host .. thanks glad they loaded eventually!!

  3. hey hollis,they behaved well last firing :))

    thanks judy, wish all glazes behaved this well :P

  4. Ang- no problems loading in this time! YEA!

  5. really nice shino bowls, and I do also like the large serving bowl that is the first one in the slide show, chun, I think? Isn't it great that the firing worked so well, whoopeee!

  6. hey peter, yeh thats a nice collection of ooh i must keep that one is getting a bit too big :P my kiln repairs a well underway and just about ready for the next firing before it gets too hot here!!