Tuesday, 30 October 2012

mad month...

our stall panorama
our tree
ahhhh market day! finally a warm one and peeps were out in droves in the morning and as always its chockers by 9 - 10 am 
twas a lovely day bit average sales wise and loads of visitors which is always lovely...

Raj has new t-shirts next door the latest is a mini cooper which will go off as mad as the combi t-shirts...love em!!

And lovely plant time at the market too, I'm waiting for my 2 sunny boy tomato plants which should arrive this week..

Rose and I quietly set to the setup again with practice shop for the real thing which opens this friday folks....woohoo!!!

ooh I cant forget birthday week, it's been a busy one with nothing planned so I decided to book in a few things and so did everyone else, hence the birthday week and a bit! loads of dinners, lunch with friends and out to see opening night of the Jersey Boys on friday w big sis, v cool show had to laugh at the door warning, authentic Jersey language and gun fire!! which did make me jump, ha!!! a wkd of more partying and drinkies at the shop which was lovely..

It's been a mad month for Ali and Rose getting the keys, painting, heading off to auctions and seminars and getting the whole shop biz organised.. there's loads of our fantastic art and design friends work, it's been fun catching up with who's been in and what lovely wares they have brought..

Anyhoo shop Milan Rouge Oak Plaza Stirling SA officially opens this friday with the opening night next friday night, can't wait to see it all unfold, best of luck my friends have an awesome week!!!!

cracking the bubbly

me and Ali

Birthday drinks with the shopees

guard fish


  1. that fish- he would scare me off!

  2. hey M i think i upset him....that or he's a bit sad