Monday, 22 October 2012

studio daze...

Oh what a wkd...
with the glorious weather arriving and work permitting, I had time on friday to get a head start with pugging some clay and start prepping for some weekends work in the studio...  the mugs started off well with a couple of trays worth friday into sat then some fresh bowls made with soggy fresh clay so a few disasters there!

The cone 6 mugs got a glaze inside last week and there they stayed and the second batch of earthenware is ready to load and no over firing this time... note to self when you take out the pyro don't forget to reinsert!

So a fresh stash of mugs all done stamped and handled.. new bowls ready to trim tomorrow and a kiln stack awaits.. I'm hopeful a quick sand and reglaze will fix the inner bubbles from the over fire.
Then onto finishing the cone 6 glazing monday as well.

I do have too much going on but hey I created this chaos, now I have to clean it up..

Enjoy the flick... it's from handle making today and a few shots around the studio work and hey really nice results from the last firing apart from the bubbles inside :))


  1. Damn, wish I could work that fast :)

  2. yeh me too!!! 2 days doing handles but its a must be done job....

    trace i'm still smiling about the kid with the meat to her facial perhaps. ha!!! and of course my image was of one in her hand unwrapped....who wouldn't notice that :P

  3. Busy day! Busy potter! Looking good!

  4. hey smarts how are you?? and another studio day today!!