Monday, 5 November 2012

will it be gallery 1855...

so will it be gallery 1855 or hills edge? I know i would prefer a name in this century but words have been played with on the official trail but who cares really as long as this place gets up and running and serves as a gallery for local artists and adelaide wide really!!

there's 3 great rooms well 2 great rooms and an entry room, anyhoo it will be great when it's all alive with work and lit well..

so tomorrow melbourne cup day is the launch day and everyone knows here the nation stops for a horse race!!! quite a phenomenon really Melbourne cup day...yes we have named it, anyhoo I always end up working while others head out for lunch..

so this is it, the opening exhibition, local artists got to enter this one for free and the work is all tagged hung or placed and catalogued, hopefully tomorrow the rain will pass and todays humid storm aside, all will be well for the launch...

hey check out the pics, i'll get more tomorrow but the crack up really is the art work room that has kiddy seats and not much in the way of adult furniture or functional art spaces but we'll work on that!!

I might do a video tour if I feel inspired tomorrow or maybe not :P


above is Barbara Davis' piece she a fellow local glass artist..

oh this is the messenger press guy running out the door after rebecca photo bombed herself with bunny ears can't wait to see that image :P

the central gallery space

    the art work room..

Russell our local framer and artist, Rebecca fellow ARTAG member artist round table advisory group ( planned by my bud Vesna who previously worked at Cof TTG) and Rae from tea tree studio

 Panda...a local celebrity and also the loo wall!!

ARTAG in chats, david, russell the framer hence the piece in his hand, rebecca her piece is on the wall behind must get a close up tomorrow it super groove and rae on the right.....

Today, I have seen better days but mood and issues stick up their ugly heads all the time.... the challenge is to leave behind the crap and tomorrow is a new day, hey!!!!! or maybe more of the same

anyhoo this week is the week of cool openings, friday is the opening of MILAN ROUGE my buddies Ali and Rose, should be a super groove night in Stirling on Friday Nov 9th 6-9pm head up the freeway Stirling exit and first set of shops on your left Oak plaza shop 2 cant miss it!!!!


  1. love the space.
    And hope today is better!

  2. What a great space, and that glass piece, yum!!!
    Don't we all get these funks?! I hate them but I have at least come to know that they pass, ying and yang....
    it's all good

  3. It looks very swanky! I love it the space!