Tuesday, 16 October 2012

getting my glaze on...

 Don't quite know what's going on with this spring but it was chilly but! outside today... I did get some studio time to get my glaze on... woohoo, get it loaded tomorrow and fire up friday would be ideal.
I have some flat plate work under plastic drying slowly, I've found with this style of plate the slower for every stage the better otherwise they warp all over the place..

A new gallery opportunity in Tea Tree Gully has given rise to quite a bit of enthusiasm amongst the arts crowd and as a member of ARTAG, the advisory group to the new gallery, I got to have a tour of the new space yesterday. Sorry didn't take any pics yesterday but plenty will feature here soon, I think the great space will be lovely when some work is in it !! It's so nice to walk around a place and see the possibilities and hear peeps enthusiasm.. anyhoo more on that soon.

Another great adventure is happening up the freeway in Stirling... Milan Rouge contemporary craft and design is getting closer to its opening date and by now Rose and Ali will be up to their elbow in new artists work for their space. I for one can't wait for this baby to get started and no doubt we'll be handing out invites at the next market this month in Stirling, woohoo!!!

Any road up its late I'm just in from class tonight unloaded a cracker of a kiln and will take pics soon of my new rustic garden pot... so see you soon when all these ventures and their opening days ensue..


  1. Lovin those pastel colours, Ang!

  2. ha wont be pastel when fired :P but wont be super strong either....a bit goldilocks really :))

  3. speaking of glazes, that bowl in your header photo is gorgeous!!!!!

  4. hey trace yours and my favourite! from my last shino firing...mmmm