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Sunday 7 October 2012

white on red...

So itching to get back into the studio after the 2012 australian ceramics triennale conference wkd so I got stuck in on Monday yey for holiday mondays!

After a couple of throwing sessions this weeks priority became trim and slip before everything dries out too quickly..

 We always have a strange spring, there's a couple of nice in between weather days then bam ! it's super warm a 27 deg day last week had my new bowl bone dry in a flash. It may have been too quick as i needed to damp down the work before brushing the slip insides, hopefully all will be fine but won't know til the glaze is done if the slip will splinter off..

Anyhoo had loads of fun with white dots on red clay and stripes with a few dots also, I always find in no time the work is decorated and I'm just getting in the zone deco wise but now there's no way around it I'll have to make small batches into summer or swap back to the white clay and deco with UG colours and printing again..

The making list is long as the last few months have been good at the market and multiples selling, thats always a good sign pre christmas, yikes did I say pre christmas!! yep thats what the list is all about..
work for stocking the stall plus new shop wares and something really exciting 2 of my besties are opening a shop in Stirling called 'Milan Rouge' contemporary art & design and more on that later as we get close to launch date in November..

So post conference I have quite a few sample bags of clay to try out some new decals and of course some new tools!!
And how could I come away without a new magazine subscription Ceramics Technical that came with a freebie which I have enjoyed plowing through this week. It was cool to chat with the rep only to find out she's from NY and the square of course wasn't working I got a tad excited when I thought it was arriving in Oz but not yet it seems we have to wait for that remarkable sales device to hit our shores it's probably a bank thing, I wish they'd hurry up and sort it!!

So that's it.... my bisque kiln 
is loaded and ready to go tomorrow I even had pots that wouldn't fit...

let's see what this week brings peeps...


  1. Always like seeing your bowls.Hope the square makes it down your way. It's really slick.

  2. Looking good! Love the bowls! Yikes don't say Christmas to loud. I'm not ready!

  3. hey dennis yeh so hanging out for the square!!

    hiya connie I know scary thought, hey!

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