Saturday, 2 July 2011


hue test


So cool I had to share it... those of us who have done colour studies will score on this one..

It's fun give it a go!!!!


  1. Can you tell those of us who haven't done colour studies what to do?

  2. click on the 100 hue test...... and grab and slide the colour blocks can tell oh so slightly if the block is in the wrong place by deliberately moving it 2 or more spaces away from where you think it goes... good luck linda :))

  3. Thanks that was fun

  4. Love the clean new look Ang.

  5. Fun test! Interesting that I did much better in the afternoon than in the morning when I was drinking my first cup of tea! Guess my eyes take longer to wake up than the rest of me!

  6. What fun! going to give it to Daddy-O to try :o) My score was 40 based on a best score for my age range(!) and gender, 0 was the best and 1520 was the highest -so not too bad for these tired eyes! Took me longer to figure out what I was supposed to do -I don't read instructions very well -ha!

  7. hey meredith how did you go?

    cheers linda lovely chatting with you..

    Nice one ron 22 is cool..

    Thanks Judith the white background is pretty bold eh..

    hey smarts...mmm glad you gave it a couple of go's

    cindy well done! gotta love the explanations or lack of sometimes :))

  8. Thanks, Ang, that was fun and informative; I scored a 4, which for my age (50-59) is good. I always thought I didn't see color that well, but I guess I do, I just can't USE color that effectively, say for surface decoration.
    The new look for your blog is nicely done. Keep rockin' your outback!

  9. hi ang,
    i'm a sucker for those kinda tests... gotta a 7 and somehow i'm disappointed