Saturday, 9 February 2013

selected - from the collection. sneak peak

Here's a little something I've been part of the team working on this week... Thursday's effort definitely took the stuffing out of me!! Absolutely zonked by the time I got home.. lifting and schlepping plinths around, arranging the 3 galleries and rearranging them.

There's a whole bunch of things that need to be considered in a local government gallery.. we have a disabled access ramp so peeps need to be able to scoot around and turn around again, unless they have reverse  for heading back up the ramp space..

This week another gallery in town closed its doors.. The greenhill gallery has been a staple in north adelaide since forever! I can remember popping in one day as a bunch of first year Uni students in our first weeks playing hooky heading out for lunch and checking in on a friends associate at the gallery.. we were looking at Pro Harts famous Ant paintings and She was telling us how he cut them into a load of smaller paintings...I remember thinking what!! Now it's no surprise and regarded as savvy if you can turn a $ selling your art.

Anyhoo it's looking pretty cool while Bec and Niki did the measuring and lining all the paintings up. Myself and Rae moved, cleaned, stuck and jiggled all the ceramics in place. I had notions of buying shares in blue and white tac :P It's been rather great looking at the works over the last 20 years from the collection and how many of them I remember in the Competitions, they are all 1st prize winners and hence acquired by the Council. Most pieces have another piece by the Artist as a comparison piece of work some created many years since and some really fresh. This is a really nice look back at a very successful Arts Event that just last year was canned. And a little recent news on that the local Lions club are in discussions to take that Competition over but we'll see how that pans out.

So the final tweaks of the show will be friday and early next week.. 
the opening is Wednesday Night at 6pm
 Gallery 1855 3 Haines Rd Tea Tree Gully


  1. see you there,looks interesting

  2. Really really beautiful, wish I could hop on a plane for a visit!

  3. excellent see you there Anna, you'll love the ceramic room!!

    aww trace I know distance can be such a booger! I'll have a great time for ya and try to get some vid too xx

  4. Wow, what a great looking show! I'd love to come and see it... I'll just hitch a ride with Tracey, and fly on over!

  5. Brilliant idea Patricia, come on down :P