Monday, 28 January 2013

my arch nemisis...

Ahhhh the vilhlan of the week, well he's one of them..
I'm not entirely sure of their numbers as they appear singularly in certain places around the garden hear a swish and another and look very carefully coz they know when your looking and freeze frame, blend with their backgrounds unless they hiding amongst the succulents and then nothing blends with pink flowers really..
 We... being this guy and I had a mexican standoff the other day, I know totally irrational but he started this.. midday he decided my doorway into the studio was the best place to listen to the new tunes i'd imported into my playlist...I mean totally across the doorway! so he's about 25cm tip to toe and wasn't budging one bit and i'm standing there waiting patiently for him to move so I can go into the studio and turn off the kiln...I would have been happy walking away and wait for him to move but there's the kiln to turn off, it is manual not tricky ramp controller for me.. but nope we had our stand off and no body was gonna win this one.... have I mentioned my reptile phobia??? I always seem to be home alone when the brown snakes come calling.... ahhhh the only appropriate action is to jump on a chair and make noises like arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggg!!!
Dang fiends!! so me and the fella sized each other up and I climbed across and over the clay recycling station to get passed the critter, sent a few bits tumbling off the shelves on my way and made it to the other side heart racing and all... So kiln turned off and he then decides to scamper outside very slowly that is.... which is when I snapped these I'm amazed they aren't blurry...

anyhoo some freshly thrown knobbly pots, a stash of dishes and quite a few tumblers.... I have plans for most of them, lil birdie range replacements, my usually coloured range of cups and teapots and a few experimental plates and dishes for printing on and all sorts of glaze layering...

love these speakers!! music has never sounded so good plus I found some ol tracks on the now ancient dome imac -  the womens choir from 'Paradise Road' and some great ol jazz tunes and well now they are joined by some ol favs of mine, some prince, suzanne vega, paul wellar, van morrison and just a whole bunch of cds that i dont play anymore, its gonna be one solid itunes playlist!

So yesterday Market Day at Stirling was lovely the weather was amazing, started out cool but mid 20's and a gorgeous day out with friends. Loads of vistors and return customers, always great!

 and to finish the day off quietly at Roses a nice couple of drinks on the verandah over looking the hills with only a few shots ringing in the distance scaring the bids off the local apple crops...
I needed a shush end to the wkd after the 'doof doof' celebrations from my neighbours all of saturday, well it was 'australia day' and celebrations are in order but by the end of it was totally done in!

So today I cracked the bisque kiln and trying out 2 new clays in this batch clayworks cone 6 white and TMK which gave me an awful rash up both arms after a crazy friday of making in the studio but i'll give it another go and see if some barrier cream might help after all it is lovely and creamy, it's a porcelainous stoneware body, very white and quite nice to throw with but let's see if we can get along and cant wait to see the glaze responses for both of them..

Loads of teapots and their cups in this lot and some tiles which gives me quite a lot to get going on this week.. and this is our poor back of the shop stall, looked a bit ragged so I'm on the hunt for an old table, found some legs and just need a top :))

And just to finish off these pieces are now loaded for another bisque another good start to the week... and on my fixit it list the pool filter has decided to keep leaking after my patch up job, just like the pool guy said the water will look for the weakest point to escape...  so i'll give that another go tomorrow and hopefully it will last a bit longer before a new one is required..


  1. What IS that thing? Makes out little black snakes around here seem charming:)
    You have got it going on with the pottery production, puts me to shame, sitting around here doing nothing..... Looking forward to spring here myself so I can get busy like you!

  2. that Trace is a blue tongue lizard very unattractive and get rather large and I'm always caught out looking for those wee lil leggies then you know its not a snake! I had plenty of time last week to get cranking and the holiday break got me started on the teapots too :)) stay warm xx

  3. I also wondered what the hell that is ... can't say we have many of those around Cape Cod. Thankfully.

  4. Oh. MY. GOD. your work rocks but that ANIMAL!!!! Frightening. for me.

  5. I would have to admire that lizard from a distance!
    Really like those "knobbly" pots.

  6.! He does make my snakes look good. What a nasty looking studio mate you have there. Pots look absolutely fabulous!

  7. I think it would be a tad chilly on the Cape Hollis :))

    Hiya Judi thanks, getting there work wise, its great having the studio time at the mo..

    me too Michelle, curious from a distance, they look sleepy but boy they can run when they want to!

    heheee M, he freaks me out! cheers me mateys :))

  8. Could be worse - could be a Goanna...