Saturday, 16 February 2013

general buzz...

It seems I did a terrible job of documenting the opening for 'from the collection' @ Gallery 1855, hopefully my bud derek will come thru with some photos :P
It was a good night, although a mite stressful after looking after mum all day it was either a bout of gastro or food poisoning from a 'free lunch out' - free is never free..
Anyhoo there was a great turnout and the show looked good even if things had been a tad tweaked from when I left them.....hmmm slightly frustrating.
There were some very interesting chats with local artists and a general buzz about possibilities, so we shall see where the rest of 2013 takes us, ARTAG is a 2 year term and it's all very new, things could be great or they could be average only time will tell.

really course
So here's a little of what I've been up to, most things are bisqued now and a few efforts of throwing in between 'nursing' this week.
I'm currently working towards a body of work for Artist of the Month at MILAN ROUGE in Stirling. My make wish list is below and if I plan it right this week will be productive.

Some tiles in progress too all bisqued up..

And the usual run of lidded jars, beakers a few plates to try some printing on and the teapots waiting for glaze.

I think this list is going to keep me busy for this week or 2
plus the tagine plans need to be made I want to make some formers so that they are the same at wet weight and hopefully all the lids will fit each other, since they will be in a commercial kitchen it's kinda necessary. I'm still nutting out how I will make the guides or template for this, I have considered making a base mould but am concerned about the weight and already having some wrist issues this really needs some serious thought.
Sis and I headed out to a travel expo today gathering all sorts of holiday info for my birthday this year, it is a 'biggy' and a few ideas are brewing, hehehehee..


  1. You are in serious production mode, makes my head spin! Sorry for your mom, I had a dream last night my mom fell down a flight of stairs, must call her today!

  2. serious.. serious trace!! good fun work tho... oooh hate dreams like that!!!

  3. you're keeping me inspired for when we return to Scotland...wish we were going via Adelaide instead of Sydney!!

  4. :)) gz adelaide's not exactly an international via point, but that would have been nice!! happy tripping home and enjoy the rest of your stay..