Saturday, 23 February 2013

ahhh saturday...

Ahh Saturday time to drink tea and catch up on the last week or so... the lovely photos above are from 'from the collection' at Gallery 1855 by my friend Derek McClure check out his blog.

There's been a spate of exhibition openings locally which is a good thing, we just have to get the word out to a wider audience and then I think we will truly be in Adelaide's map for Artsists..
Gallery 1855 has some top work it it at the mo and HIVE has a local young artist Lisa Lukacs getting out there too.. and Fringe buzz has just begun Neville Assad-Salha has a show at Glenelg Discovery Centre so heaps to see..

I got my printing on this week too... inspired by watching an Andy Warhol Documentary!
I got heaps of lil birdie and Big birdie with Giraffe fella printed and set to glazing some of the new wares. I just grabbed a couple of beakers off the top shelf of the kiln, it's still 300 degC in there! too darn hot for unloading but hey they need to be out so I can pack my car for market tomorrow..
and thats about it, I still have to get my shino on for next months show at Milan Rouge so that will be next week depending on my work load really.. anyhoo happy wkd all


  1. :)) hey trace just unloaded the rest...happy dance!!

  2. I like the animals a lot! Love the variations you get when glazing with them. It almost makes me want to screen again!