Friday, 20 January 2012

web'n with weebly...

Playing still, coz it is still January the official playing around month!!! look Hannah's been doing it...Ron posted a brilliant one today... so go ahead play!!!

My latest effort is with Weebly my experimental page just because i can!

These pages will be devoted to experiments with recipes and step by steps successes and blunders..

I do love grid format and blogger simply wont let me play that way.... I need columns people!
you know drag and drop stuff.. the ability to change my layout more, so this is where it's at...
I'll still link everything to my blog so i'm not going
anywhere blogger is so well connected that way
and after all it is free :))


  1. OK. I LOVE this work! Love it. Show me more!

  2. Very nice page. I'm with you, I like columns! Blogger drives me nuts with the limited layout capability, but I'm not ready to go moving around just yet. Love that ^6 soda cup!

  3. Lookin' good! Just like your work. Nice!!!!

  4. hey judi yeh I need to do more!! I'd love to show you more, I have a few snap pics but sold all of it :P what a terrible problem to have :)) more def coming....

    hey trace, i like it yeh! not leaving blogger this will be a separate page entirely devoted to experiments...

    hey patricia, thanks sweet...I took to weebly quickly so that tells you how easy it is to use :))