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Friday 6 January 2012

beatrice is back...

 How apt my first post for 2012... Beatrice Wood the moma of dada... you know as an illustrator she makes a great ceramist. The medium totally changed her style, her original illustrative works from 'dada time' were incredibly light and even tentative but her ceramic work later in life has quite primitive roots and is so 'bold' by comparison.... I love this film production and luckily it's back on the tube for you so catch it while you can, she truly remains an inspiration..

And as for me I'm still chillin.... the sun is out we had our first heatwave for the year, my first and hopefully last migraine on NYE grr.. It really is time to recharge and chill out in the garden and at some point finish the studio clean out.
I played with making some clay stamps in the studio the other day and lucky me did a wee back injury house cleaning that'll 'learn me'... I'm contemplating a weekend in the studio, we'll see tomorrow if I can move more!
Anyhoo I have some thoughts for new work and also some catching up to do finishing pieces from last year and getting lots of inspiration right now so i'm just going to store it for studio moments. And new music for the year...the Gossip, the Kooks, Gotye and just caught Adele live at the Albert Hall video what a laugh :)) getting my studio groove on...


  1. Happy New Year Ang! Love the BEA... Hope your Head stops hurting...ICKY!!!!

  2. I love this video,will be nice to watch again, thanks for the reminder!

  3. I once had a memorable dinner with Beato. It was amazing to eat off those lustered pots!
    Thanks for the video - delightful!

  4. hey judi head and back, right where they should be now :)) HNY xx

    hey trace!! i hope this link stays up for a while!!

    Oh June how lucky are you!! bet it was a very entertaining dinner party :))

  5. It was a great party. Beato added too much salt to the paneer, but our friend Vivika Heino saved the day by adding sugar, which is a trick with over salted food. Then Beato messed up the pecan pie and it looked like a sauce. Vivika, once again came to the rescue and served the filling over ice cream. Dinner was served on all those luster lead glazed dinnerware of hers and of course Beato, was her usual, charming and flirtatious self. Toshiko Takaezu was also at the dinner. At the time she was doing a workshop at Happy Valley in Ojai, Ca. where Beato lived.

  6. hi ang,
    we're not supposed to both be having heat waves at the same time. 68 degrees F yesterday and it's january. it was beautiful but there's something off about it. sorry to hear about a migraine on nye, what a pain in the butt that must be. happy new year... may we all be productive

  7. hey june thanks for sharing!! sounds like quite the ideal dinner pty lots of fun and a couple of cooking disasters :P

    hey jim that's a tad warm for you hey!! yeh unfortunately i wasn't ready for the heat spell that day have to keep a cool head :P HNY and yep a good one to you and your studio :))