Thursday, 26 January 2012

aRT chAT...

ART CHATS...Tea Tree Studio crouch rd golden grove...

Tues night class welcome back this week...we have a great start to the year an informal chat with peeps from SA art Gallery and the HIVE youth space TTG
if you are interested, intrigued or just In come along it's free!!!

contact me for more details....


  1. free is never fee if it cost a plane ticket... one of these days.
    I have been busy and need to catch up with your doings!

  2. ahhh indeed meredith for locals its free !!!! not too much new summer cruising and all that... :))

  3. And it's warm there....with you in the virtual world!

  4. What a great even, I too wish I was closer to stop in have a good one.

  5. oops should be event - art chat

  6. when i was attending NH Institute of Art we had something called Clay Talk every month, free and open to the public. i loved it! hope you have a good turn out.

  7. smarts :))

    me too linda i was thinking i should find way of podcasting some of these events, a snapshot will have to suffice for now :))

    thanks michele me too!!

  8. Gidday there!
    Here are the cone 6 glazes to make the combination that you saw on my site. The test tile I did looked quite exciting really and I fired it near vertical. This test showed that there is considerable movement of the glaze, which gives it some character, but do test it on something that isn't going to run onto your kiln shelf!!

    The under glaze is one by Brian Gartside. It is supposed to be a tenmoko, but when I tried it on its own, it was a rather horrid brown for me on my white clay, with no break and some areas satin finish and others almost matt. Anyway, it worked well as an underglaze:

    28.6 Fritt 4108
    28.6 china clay
    14.3 Nepheline Syenite
    14.3 silica
    7.1 talc
    7.1 whiting
    + 10 Red iron oxide

    Over the top of that I put a John Britt cone 6 overglaze
    This glaze looks like it might make a useful general purpose white base glaze on its own. It fits my clay well, and is a nice gloss that is very slightly satin in finish:

    30 Potash Feldspar
    30 Gerstley Borate
    5 china clay
    25 silica
    + 10 Zircon

    You can probably substitute Gillespie Borate if Gerstley is unavailable.

    I also tried the John Britt Overglaze over a John Britt underglaze. The underglaze is probably stiffer than the Gartside one, and it gives a much finer pattern and moves less than the other combination. Definitely worth testing this as well:

    The Britt underglaze is as follows:
    48 Nepheline syenite
    18 whiting
    11 china clay
    24 silica
    + 10 red iron oxide

    Hope all that helpful, do post your results, I'll be really interested to see how they work for you. I want to try substituting other oxides for the iron in the underglazes, as it could be really nice to have other colour combinations.

    P :)