Saturday, 20 August 2011

art art and more art...

Friday night was the opening for St Ignatius Art show at Norwood.. this is the first year I've been invited to participate and what a cool night.. I bumped into Judith Rolevink who has 2 bronzes in the show, wandered around checking out the amazing pieces in this show and wow some brilliant art..

On entry we got a goodie bag complete with programme and a voucher for wine, very spec :))
And a brass band made up of the senior school kids nothing like a bit of jazz at an opening...this one ticked all the boxes for me.. amazing munchies, wine, great lighting and the work was set out so well..yey team!!

I met some amazing artists who generously talked about their work, there's a gorgeous painting in the silent auction, which apparently went for 7K last year!!

The 'outdoor room' was a flutter of red dots when I left and quite a queue of peeps at the sales desk waiting to buy some amazing art. Anyhoo enjoy the vid it's just a sample of what's on display..

The show continues through the wkd with a string section playing and cupcakes. It's gold coin entry for the wkd and friday night was ticket only entry. It's a brilliant show, so if you're in town get and see it and buy some original art..


  1. LOVE the art -especially that METAL ART ;o) Isn't it fun to go out and see great stuff made by cool people?!

  2. congrats looks like a great show, love both of your raku's the black and the turquoise ones.

  3. Great art - wine, munchies, music and cool folks too! What a night. And loved your raku - congrats on being in the show!

  4. Your raku bottles fit very well with the other works. I like those dragonflies too.

  5. hey cindy you would love this show it has everything!!! and yep it's great to meet really cool artists that make amazing work!!

    hey linda thanks, under amazing lighting they looked good :))

    hiya judy well thankyou it really is a buzz being in that room :))

    hi anna cheers, the outdoor sculpture space was very well thought out , it looks amazing!!

  6. What a great show! Thanks for sharing the video, kideo! Bet there are lots of red dots on your pieces too. Look great!

  7. hey dots indeed sold all my turquoise raku and a B&W piece :)) love this show....

  8. hi ang, looks like a great show... your black and white pieces are stellar.