Friday, 5 August 2011

really nice drop...

I don't know why but I was pleasantly surprised with the Sauvignon Blanc we had at the opening last night!! Anyhoo a few piccies just as we finished setting up after the usual dramas up to the very last minute...yey for opening night nerves :P but the team stayed amazingly calm and all went swimmingly. Along came 7pm and cars started rolling down the driveway I still think some Bali torches or lanterns would have been lovely out by the entrance but the wind and rain kinda would have hampered that idea!!

So yey team and peeps that came out on a cold and wet night in the hills to celebrate with us launching our very first '3' of us exhibition together!! It was lovely to se folks I haven't seen in ages and buddies from the clay collective and bloggers too!! If you didn't make it you missed my tag you're it ang doing the speech tonight!!! ha that was fun hope I remembered to thank everyone and again a Big Thanks to Bec @ Q Gallery and Jan of Barrristers Block Winery for such a great venue.. and a great drop of wine!! and also a big thankyou to Mt Barker Council for the SALA rebate that went towards registering our exhibition with SALA..

So check it out a great night topped off by a soft drink at the Woodside pub and yep we got the gas fire working outside.. c'mon we are potters :P and some very wet feet as I tried to jump the torrent flooding down the road to get into my car for the trek home lastnight and a 15 minute pitstop as I waited for a tow truck to pull a car out of the fence just passed cudlee creek!! what and adventurous night we had..

So '3 Seasons in One Day' exhibition is up for the whole month of SALA, please check it out and buy some great Art, check out the winery and sample a drop we'll be out there some time during the month again on a Sunday probably...if you want to stay in touch drop me your email to or find us on facebook 3 Seasons in One Day or Ang Walford Ceramics

happy SALA month Adelaide!!


  1. Well done! Looks like you had a great night and of course SA would have to have good wine at an opening :^)

  2. Lovely!
    Your hard work has paid off in many ways! relax a bit-more wine?!

  3. hey Anna Indeed!! we have some super wineries on our doorstep hence the idea about having a show at one :))

    hey meredith thanks :)) oh so nice to see a result after all that angst :P ahhh maybe on the wkd there'll be some more celebrating..

  4. What a great space and wonderful photos!! how fun :o)