Thursday, 4 August 2011

A few tiles...

Just a few pics before I head off to the Gallery... these are of 'lil birdie on the corner' and One of my new landscape tiles which I've decided to interplace with the the printed tiles...I think they make for a great cohesive story about my current work exploring landscapes and my inside out prints bringing imagery that would usually be on the inside of our dwellings to the outside and on the street corner Edward Hopper was a major influence on the workings of these tiles...

I just ran off some more prints this morning really is great to be visiting printmaking again...I haven't ventured it's way since early college days and all the processes are so much more user friendly now...although i still have black fingernails after this mornings effort...

Anyhoo hope to see you tonight if you can make it 7pm @ Q Gallery Barristers Block Winery 151 Onkaparinga Valley Rd Woodside just down from Melbas Chocolate Factory!!


  1. I love these tiles! Have a great show!

  2. Love those birdies!

    Enjoy your show!

  3. Well, I would be there if I could! Great tiles! I have always loved Hopper's work, but these are all YOU!

  4. hey judy, well thankyou, it's on for a month so hopefully the weather will be nice now and lots of peeps will head out to the country for a drive :))

    hey smarts...cheers!! the opening was fun!

    trace sweet...of course you would!! You'd like the spot too very rural :)) well I have to give the man credit for the inspiration!!!

    hey Judi.....your sweet!!! i'll be posting more soon :))