Saturday, 10 September 2011

angela walford ceramic artist

Hey i'm still here, just had a break post SALA ( South Australian Living Artist )  it was quite the whirlwind month with 5 shows on my list and a mixed response from peeps really.. Ali's, Rose and my show up in the Hills had moderate successes and we all sold so that's a great start!
Other shows such as my local ones were great for exposure but no sales and one of my favourites this SALA was the St Igantius Art Show admittedly it's a well oiled machine that's been running for quite a few years and so well supported by local artists. Some of the paintings were just amazing and the sculpture garden was one of my fav places and the best thing selling my raku pieces.

Anyhoo this post is about my latest project.. I'm not moving just adding another location angelawalfordceramics it's my new wordpress page. This one will replace the mac page I set up last year Angela Walford website that didn't prove to be as user friendly as I would have liked, for one the ridiculous web address they gave me!! And since it looks like iweb will not be continued it was write off time for this software..

I'll be bringing over parts of what I like from that page to my new site and keeping solid ol blogger here as my centre point, the only thing missing is a decent gallery page but that's no biggy as my new page has plenty of opportunity for this.

So that's what I've been up to, you'll notice in my sidebar there's new shows coming up and with spring much nicer weather to work outside in and a great workshop at the club coming up...we're going to dabble in some slipware so bring along your terracotta pieces with some nice surface to decorate on!!

Saturday 24th September 2011 10am $10 to members $15 to visitors.. BYO shared lunch and some leatherhard terracotta 'red clay' wares.. email me for more details.

I have of course plenty of videos to show from the US trip and more than a few tools of the trade from Doug and lovely slip trailed pieces from Hannah too, I also have a couple of Paul's pieces that will make quite a nice selection of work to drool over.. so this one should be fun..


  1. You've been BUSY! I checked out the new site. Nice! Love the teapot in the banner there.

  2. Congrats on all your shows! You have been busy. I switched from iWeb to WordPress and love it. Once I got used to using WordPress - that is! lol

  3. hey patricia.... just a tad busy :P well thanks, that teapot is one of my favs!!

    hiya judy, yeh mad month really.. wordpress is a whole other package isn't it...blogger looks to be making some similar changes with the new editing space...lots to catch up on!!

  4. Somehow this blog post slipped by me. Love the new look! That's a yummy shino teapot you got there!
    I had been thinking about the iweb, so thanks for the heads up on that....

  5. thanks trace :)) yeh a bit of a stinker it was easy to use but not friendly in other ways...WP is a bit of a learning curve but all good!