Thursday, 2 February 2012

platter auction...

Last week my friend Stephanie James Manton from the Jam Factory invited me to do a platter for the Ceramics Auction fundraiser for Ceramics Triennale to be hosted in Adelaide this year.. and talk about pressure all of a sudden decorating just one platter was bit stressful but quite a good challenge..

 I headed in with my camera gear for a photo shoot I was doing with Gus and a bunch of screens inks my fav brushes just in case and my metal stamps for Lil Birdie platter. 

Monday was a great day Gus and Andy were working on a figure mold for Emma Hack so I grabbed a couple of shots working on that piece and of Gus with his great work for which he has just recently received an award from Korea, nice going Gus..

I'll do a post on that next but this is all about the platter auction...

Wednesday 15th February 2012 5.30pm
Tickets $20 pp
at the Jam Factory for tickets call 08 8410 1822 or 0410 479 895
or email 

Works will be auctioned by Toop & Toop
and include stunning individual works
works by well known Adelaide celebs and visual artists
the cast... Jane Reilly channel 10, Poh Ling Yeow of Poh's kitchen, 
Simon Bryant of the cook and the chef, Michael Angelakis well know fish guy! Simone Kennedy..
James Dodd Graffiti artist, Emma Hack body artist, Bruce Nuske, Elodie Barker and heaps more...

so its up to us all now!! head on down if you're in town it will be a great evening and check out some of the amazing works...


  1. I've been following the Triennale blog and various posts on Facebook. I think the auction is a brilliant idea and I'm sure it will be great. Love your platter :^)

  2. hey anna, excellent you're well up on things then :))

    hiya patricia, aren't they just... :))