Thursday, 23 February 2012

HIVE meets fringe...

Deanna and her cousin 'the subject'
I popped down to the HIVE this evening they are currently hosting an exhibition by Deanna Janssan entitled 'Introspection'  it's such a great venue and holding a solo exhibition no small task. Speaking of her own work Deanna spoke of her paintings and the development across the years. She is in her first year studying at Adelaide Central School of Art, it's a top notch school! the SA ceramics award exhibition was held there last year.. So congrats Deanna a very cool show and if you're local you really must stop in and see this one..

This week HIVE launches its very first Fringe exhibiton! Supporting young local artist, Deanna Janssan, the exhibition 'Introspection' will run from the 24 Feb to 16 March 2012 at HIVE. The launch is on this Thursday starting at 6:30pm with nibbles and light refreshments provided. 

Hive 12 - Twenty Five


  1. I thought her painting was a photograph it was so realistic.

  2. hey linda, deanna certainly did a good job on that one, i think her studies will take her as far as she wants to go..