Thursday, 16 February 2012

going, going, gone...

the end

elodie's lovely platters

What fun we had last night at the Jam....

A big congrats to Stephanie James Manttan... we know you did all the work!!!

Yummy wine and munchies by Wayne Mcara, chef extraordinaire....the prawn and dill finger sandwiches were just out there!!! and a lil lamb and meat pie was just divine.... there was of course the sweet blue fairy floss squares that were just crazy, he did and excellent job backstage whilst his clay talent were on the wall with the rest of the crew... It was lovely to see Jane Reilly pop in as well as chief opener Jeff Mincham who's gorgeous piece was auctioned off at the end of the evening..

Anyhoo some truly charming pieces went for a steal last night, I had my eye on an indigenous piece but it went way over my budget!! and at the end of the night the walls were cleared and everything went to great homes..

'Trevor' Poh's gorgeous pair of platters of the skull and torso went for crazy dollars...
The top ten priced platters after the silent auction then went to live auction and every piece in the room sold!!

I had a great time catching up with friends and trying to organise lunch meets.. well we'll see :))

footnote from Steph

Thank you to all you beautiful decorators and volunteers who helped out last night at the platter project, I love you all!!! The evening was a roaring success, the vibe in the room was amazing. We sold everything so bumping out today will be easy. Also thank you to Craftsouth and JamFactory and our sponsors Toop & Toop, Fox Creek Wines, Goodieson Brewery and Clayworks, our success would not have happened without your support. On behalf of the 2012 Australian Ceramics Triennale I thank you again!!! 

Platter Project Auction for 2012 Australian Ceramics Triennale


  1. thanks for giving us a glimpse of the event. Great stuff!

  2. It's so great to see art being sold for prices worth the time it took to create. Love those platters!

  3. hey anna :)) it was a fun night and great to see everyone.

    hiya trace, yeh it was pretty cool having auctioneers in the room with some really cool platters

  4. Thanks for the great to have enthusiasm for high quality work!

  5. hiya smarts, it truly is a kick start to this years triennial event

  6. oh how fun! LOVE those platters :)

  7. hey cindy no wearable ones.. there was a skeleton though :P