Monday, 27 February 2012

sunday sunday....

Ah yes.. it be market time again and gorgeous weather as predicted with a very strange thumping summer shower in the morning... but it cleared up and got muggy :)) haha!! but a great day it was full of loads of visitors and a massive catchup with Rosa just back from New Zealand, what a treat time away is, so refreshing and inspiring... I'm just about ready for another trip pity my back pocket isn't!!

Anyhoo enjoy the lovely tunes of yesterdays buskers and a great greenery backdrop from next doors plant guy!! very nice..


  1. Oh its Market time! Everything looks lovely. Muggy...a tad chilly here today.

  2. I love market time!!! So fun to see people in shorts on this cold February morning here in NC !!

  3. hello NC peeps :)) very warm here, i think it got to around 36C yesterday.. unusually humid for us but lovely all the same, hope the music warmed the atmosphere a tad for you :))