Thursday, 30 December 2010

underfired soda pots!!!

Warning many images follow.....

Just a little exposure adjustment this time :)) no real photoshopping...

What the??? blogger just ate my text....grrrrr

now what was I saying??? It seems the soda has done some work while these pots sat waiting to be fired on the shelf.  I have noticed the same with the shino glaze it gives the soda ash time to do it's thing the longer the pots sit waiting to be fired.... noice!!
It also appears there's some carbon work from the twigs I put into the firebox..

Any suggestions are welcome about this firing and for the next one, cheers ang..

my favourite...
Anna's pots
underfired shino..

a little amber brushed and wiped carbon


same mug back...

the porcelain show some promise...

ooops underdone!


  1. I think these look pretty what that glaze is doing, sort of reminds me of the borax wash experiment I did.

  2. oh yeh it does look like the borax wash, must be the salt :)) I just need to refire the underdone pieces...the red is quite surprising, i'd forgotten about that glaze ..

  3. These are amazing; they have an otherworld feel about them. (Wish your stuff was available in the USA.) Do you think you can repeat it? That"s the rub!

    Health and Happiness in the New Year !

  4. chers well that will be the tester to get a good cone 6 throughout the kiln then check the glaze results.. the well done ones held water alright which is amazing considering such a short firing...will try again soon

  5. oooo I LOVE the cups! they have such a organic look and feel to them -very unique. cool.

  6. hey cindy thanks, they're very rustic eh.. not quite what i was expecting :P

  7. hi ang, i have to say that i love the first cup and the cup that's about 4 or 5 from the bottom. crazy action... can it be duplicated because if not, you might have to charge more for them

  8. i think i have to agree jim, only the next firing will tell if duplication is possible...

  9. wowowo!!! love love love the first and similar one further down in your post. I am about to experience my first soda firing - going to try both cone 6 and cone 10 to see difference. Have no idea what to glaze with - would love to realize similar mottled effect, satin matt look on outside of functional pot. ( likely a celadon, temoku or shino on inside... Can you share how you glazed these mottled large mugs/soup cups/,,,, They are stunning.
    Thanks so much for you posting.


  10. hey cori this was a fake soda firing as the soda solution was brushed on the pots prior to firing with a bunch of new test cone 6 glazes on the inside so its all salt in action...I also threw in some bits of wood into the firebox at the end of the firing that would account for some of the markings...