Monday, 21 May 2012

satd'y big pot, big kiln, big pop...

A lil satd'y clubbing!! I have a couple of large pieces to make towards a SALA show in august and since the clay is freshly pugged no time like a saturday firing day to get big pot making.. he's nearly finished about 5cm and a nice solid rim coming to top it off..

So saturday was quite eventful, the kiln fired up nicely and a good way to use up some of the lower gas bottles as the earthenware firing didn't take up much gas pressure at all.. I did however have a wee tiny accident with a gas line in the studio which involved flamage from the wand and me getting a tad excited and dropping the wand on the floor which proceeded to ignite a 1meter pool of gas around my feet with a lovely pop!! It was all over in a couple of seconds, I shut off the tank and just stood there in shock... all over and nobody hurt but the line needs a safety shut off not a release valve in it..

Anyhoo here's a sample off the pot I switched over to the heat gun after the gas drama... :))


  1. Jeez Ang, that was scary reading ! Lucky girl, be careful!!!!
    Very nice pot though :)

  2. hey chickies, got a bit of PTS sat night but all good and yes more lessons learned.. check check check, all gas connections and get a safety device! and thanks pot is coming along nicely :)) and my kiln at home studio is rewired and working properly now!!

  3. Wow ! When I read the headline I was afraid your big pot blew up. I guess as long as it was you in the ring of fire the pot's ok. Make sure it fits in the kiln and get some help moving it. That's a nice pot and a lot of work.

  4. Well, that was a scary one. Fire can be real wake-up!. Glad you and the pot, but especially you, are okay.

    Thanks for the reminder that there is more than one way to make a BIG pot. ;)

  5. POP! Eeeek! Gas... I think I'll stick with my lumps of wood and rubbing sticks together to get them to light! Glad that you and the pot (Naughty Dennis Allen....!), are still sound in wind and limb!

    Regarding Tagines, I've replied to your comment on my site.

    Happy popping... potting!
    P x

  6. ha the pot's fine, checked it last night still very damp and will finish it in the next couple of days..

    thanks all, it truly was a scary mo but all safety aspects are under review!

    and thankyou peter! you as always have great info and are happy to share :))

  7. girl that is one hard way to get hot feet- or keep warm! Happy all is well. You take care now you hear- your response would be you bet your sweet a** I will!

  8. :)) M you funny... all good, pot finished and has some v dark slip all over now, aiming for some lovely ash detail in the firing too...1 down and 2 to go..