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Saturday 16 June 2012

finally it has happened...the pics

So finally yesterday I got the time to photograph my latest pieces they were fired in the gas kiln to the top end of earthenware and I possibly overcooked the bottom shelves there were quite a few bubbly pieces down there..

Heres a few of my fav pics, I'm very happy with the Aqua and the Blue but the Honey and the Pink glazes need more intensity...

It's been a tad crazy here either my job is flat out or there's nothing happening so the last month has been all over the place and virtually no studio time with painting my house in the middle of it all that was 2 very packed weeks just finished! but this week back to it I have some 3 Litre Tagines to test run and some more big pots to make for SALA in August... the second of which got a start today and I'm thinking of revisiting my rope form pot building..It's a great technique you just need all the structure inside constructed then wrap it with rope or the like then the whole clay addition takes about a couple of hours and your done!! If i go that way i will document it :))

So here they are some sweet pots the beginnings of an earthenware range for me lots of dots and lines and some quite gnarly marbling of sorts... anyhow happy wkd all!! and see the beginning of this work on my weebly page


  1. Very cool new look! This rope deal sounds interesting... Ps. I, for one, am really glad that you didn't blow your self up in the previous post!

  2. that smoking look really gets me- I like the look of the bird on a wire...great stuff Ang.

  3. hey thanks linda

    hiya judi...yep me too just a reminder that we work with things that go boom ;))

    ta meredih birdie works well just needs a it more colour..

  4. Really great pieces! I love this earthenware you are doing. If I dared to bring red clay into my studio, this is the path I would want to go with it. But I like my nice whit clay right now in my tiny space:) maybe one day.....

  5. Dreamingly beautiful. Can you share your technique? I have too many failed attempts. The whole thing cracks when the slip dries.

  6. Love the pics, especially how the white background merges with the white of your blog background. Very cool.

  7. LOVE the new work! I really like the stamps you are using to :) very cool!

  8. hey trace, you'd love it and thanks, I know its taken me a few years to brew these guys in my head :))

    hiya CA I'm using a locally dug red clay and a local ball clay no mystery there, I would say its all in the timing, that is slipping the work when its not too wet and not too dry and making sure that their shrinkage rates are compatible....and that just loads of testing!!

    hi Michael, ta mucho, I do love pushing the whites but do need to work on some of the reflections :))

    hey Cindy, thanks just some lil pieces I knocked out :P