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Saturday 5 May 2012

satd'y studio day...

Another Saturday and great studio time...the pots were way too wet from friday but trimming time is precious so out with the weed burner!! no handles done but at least the cups are ready should I get time tomorrow or monday to finish them...then some more slippety slop and marbling time, wow that the fun part about the deco time!! and speaking of time nothing like tea time in the studio :)) I have the remains of the last bag of TC clay and so really want to finish it for this kiln load so maybe another throw session this week and then that's it bisque and glaze time to fill the big kiln... It's Campbelltown Art Show time again I dropped a couple of Shino bowls off today and opening is Friday night, it's always a good show.. I'm looking forward to this year collection of art works... and that's it, catch ya next week, lets see what you've all been up to!!


  1. Tea and trimming, what could be better!

  2. nothing better indeed!! mmmm

  3. Great. I love me some tea while working... Always...often in YOUR cup!