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Friday 13 April 2012

pop series...

my new 'pop' series is the work I began in January play session intending to move on to some whiter clay bodies including cool ice after firing this work..

I did however get distracted by some very nice local clay bennetts terracotta this great body is mined across the road from me and it's relatively inexpensive to purchased filtered and pugged. So this tangent has become a new focus for this year alongside the new 'pop' series... I won't be working on them at the same time as my studio isn't the most pristine space but here we have some of my pics from this week..

taking the time to look at the space around the object was the purpose of this photo shoot and detailing some of the lovely glaze elements that have come from this firing.. these days i embrace the drips, the simple movement where glaze overlaps are some lovely delicate touches on these pots..


  1. Those are so soft and the colors are fab- love these Ang!

  2. You've been enjoying yourself...and that shows in the pots!!

  3. I love that coral color, wonderful

  4. hey meredith, yummy hey i'm so happy with the mix and a good firing :))

  5. thanks dennis and Gary thanks for dropping in, the minimal palette is indeed refreshing..

    hi sue thanks and Gz I have so much and when i get the time to focus!!

    hey Linda its quite a bold colour yes and bounces well when combined with the lime..

  6. Such a different look for you but really nice and fresh as well, I like it! I'm digging the new stuff you are trying out :)

  7. hey patricia and tracey new bright stuff and my kiln is nearly ready so who knows whats next!! :))