Friday, 27 April 2012

mid cycle...

I had a get back to the studio day wednesday, public holidays are great for goal hitting and great incentives for focus time...


after 2 days of softening the remnants of the last pugging day i finally gave in and unbolted the end of my pugmill only to find that if i left it another day or 2 the moisture would have got though the last 10cm or so!! grr oh well took me half a day i did some cleaning and finally got it all back together..

and just enough time to get some throwing in after pugging a box of recycled.... so theres it time to get cranking i have a slipware kiln to finish filling then we'll fire big momma and hopefully get some nice results in the gas kiln..

my kiln is all wired up but she has a problem the thermostat doesn't work so its all or nothing!!! could make for some very quick firings, so i think we'll try to fix that first, what do ya reckon :)) and maybe a thin layer of fibre inside the lid to stop brick bits falling through to. So exciting i can't wait to get into production mode with my own kiln..

so there ya have it I'm ready to roll tomorrow, the weather should be fine so a nice throwing day for terracotta, i think i'll aim to fill those shelves!!!


  1. I have always tried to keep on top my pug mill by keeping it sealed up and moist inside. When we relocated to NC it sat for a year. Was a total pain to clean out and get things moving again. I can feel your pain.
    ... isn't it rewarding to recycle a whole bunch of clay into nice soft tubes, ready to make more pots?!

  2. Oh we cover the pugmill with plastic- but there are days we forget- not a good thing or even with cover a few weeks and things will get stiff.
    The bowls are sweet!

  3. hey Michele, yeh kinda got distracted this summer and left it way too long!! but all pugged and rather happy to have some fresh clay..

    hiya Meredith, oh its loaded with plastic just lives outside under my studio verandah and gets a bit overheated out there.. cheers more red clay time today if i can wake up!!

  4. I'm so envious of all of you with your pug mills! I have to do it the old fashioned way. What a pain that is! The cutest little kiln ever you got there, hope it's going to work for you, it's so nice to have your own kiln:)