Tuesday, 24 April 2012

creatives expose...

my dear friend derek came over for dinner with his family a couple of weeks ago with the sub text of doing some shots in the studio :P

the end results was some very well cooked roast and some cool pics! these are for derek's personal creatives works, he does studies of friends which you can find on his blog.

here's some of my fav pics...

and on the kiln front its now wired up but neither the thermostat nor the safety work so the kiln is just on!!

so some more repairs soon i hope..

it also seems autumn is well set in the nights are very chilly and rain, rain and more rain is on the menu this week, I guess i'll head out early to class tonight to find the heaters!!


  1. really great photos!!! Look how adorable you are!!
    Black and white photos rock!

  2. love, love, love that first pic... captured that great smile!

  3. hello ladies :)) was a fun afternoon, running between cooking a roast outside and trying to look casual in the studio :P I think I might be in need of a hair cut though :))