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Thursday 24 November 2011

slippetty slipware video...

I've been trying to source a simple way of getting this video out to you guys but it seems digital is going to be the here on youtube you can access a reasonable resolution of the movie it's way better full size but unfortunately will cost way too much to store online full size so here you have it....the long awaited, sorry Robert and others that have been waiting for way too long for this :P

This is the slipware tour video of USA April 2011 workshops starring Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew.. the tour covers 3 workshop in Cape Cod Mass, Fredericksburg Virg, and Shelby North Carolina.. Doug and Hannah travelled from the UK to do these workshops and I travelled from Australia to catch up again with these guys and meet some super new blogging friends in the States a big thankyou to all who put us up!!! gave us coffee and all the amazing potters we met!!!

When I have some time this holidays there's plenty more short vids to make... :))

So settle in this one is about 45 mins... well hey I had a lot to squeeze in!! hope you like it.. cheers ang


  1. Quite wonderful! Almost as good as being there. Good music also!

  2. thanks Dennis :))

    glad you enjoyed it Tom..

  3. Great job! It seems like yesterday.

  4. Yikes 45 minutes of us inflicted on the world. Wow! I shall have to book myself an evening to sit and watch it, thanks for doing that Ang!

  5. great stuff! I'm intrigued by the tool which I guess contains black slip for the writing on the jug.

  6. hehehe H I of course didn't see it that way :P settle in sweet!!

    hi anna thats a Mary Wondrausch sliptrailing tool that hannah makes, i'm sure you'll find how to make it on the web somewhere...