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Sunday 13 November 2011

print on clay 2 vid...

Here we go a lil printing display action from saturdays workshop....

A big thankyou to those who came out for the day and making it such a cool day.... Lunch again was an amazing time of chatting and getting to know folks and yeh yummy gluten free chocolate cake thanks Ali..

and a big thankyou also to Alison Arnold for being our special guest for the day.... we learned heaps, made some screens and picked up on some printing applications and got Connie started with her new printing kit too....all round a super day...enjoy the clip!!


  1. Your videos are always so well done. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG! Another thing to add to my list of things I want to do now! Really cool process, love that little screen printing box! Now come back to the U.S and give some workshops :)

  3. What ever will they think of next... printing ceramic daily newspapers, now that would be the thing! No more destruction of forests, just good honest clay, and waterproof newspapers that would last thousands of years!

  4. hey Dennis, thanks!

    Trace, mate... if only you were a hop, skip and jump away!!!

    hey Peter back to writing on slates :P

  5. hi ang, very cool soundtrack as always. i think about the whole print on clay thing often but i might be more seriously considering one of those stencil cutter machines that you hook up to photoshop. either way, technology is taking over

  6. hey jim :)) didn't know about the stencil cutter!! It does seem right up your deco alley though...
    I just look at it as another tool it's still up to you to make beautiful work...