Wednesday, 7 December 2011

thrown, trimmed and glazed...

Thrown, trimmed and glazed...
Had a fun time in the studio today whipping up a few extra pieces for the kiln load on friday...I'm not sure that they'll all fit but anyway throwing a few bowls and leaving them out in the lovely sunshine to dry off before trimming then glazing the insides...I've sprinkled some ash and some soda ash for good measure inside and will glaze the outsides tomorrow.

Yep all in one afternoon I just had to check in on Alan's Blog again about raw glazing and so glad to see it's all still there!! Its been 3 years since Alan's fatal motor bike accident.. I have dropped in occasionally on his blog and so glad today when i thought about raw glazing that his blog is still up and still an amazing resource.. Just catching up on some of his antics today made me chuckle like trying to trim a branch off a tree overhanging his pottery sign and mud stomping at a music festival....anyhoo still miss him..

So a crazy week in my studio.. we fired the small gas kiln at the club on saturday, preparations to get that happening are still a challenge, as is group firing but great as a learning environment for our club members.. 7am call til 4pm on saturday followed by an amazing stage show that night with Sade on centre stage at the entertainment centre, I honestly haven't seen that kind of production in years!! so enjoyable even if my sis double booked herself and couldn't make it so I got to take one of my besties instead!!

Sunday glazed and loaded my gas kiln fired on Monday yey the gas delivery turned up!!! 9am - 1.30am at which point I turned the baby off.. I suspect my kiln is going into early reduction with flames leaping out of the bung around 700C.. so tomorrow i'll be finishing glazing the wedding commission bowls and make a few adjustments to the air intake around the burners and the exit flue.. that's the good thing about a fibre kiln, out with the exacto knife and quick alterations will be done... and firing again on friday gas willing!

 And on another note ....note to self... leave a light on at 1.30am to see where I'm going in the dark!!! I took a slide on the large pebbles next to the garden path that I was supposed to be walking on and yep went flying, as did my favourite glass which bounced nicely.. I however didn't and a wee bit sore today, why does it take aches a day to appear!!?? anyhoo enough whinging here's some pics...

the commission

raw pouring bowls

sweet spot

a couple of raw vases

some ash and soda sprinkled inside raw pourer bowl
a few small raw bowls with shino treatment


  1. The plates/bowls? are fantastic! I love that shape, perfect for winter stews and pasta!!!
    I check in on Alan's blog from time to time also, what a sad loss that was....

  2. hey trace the lil bowls are for hand held food they are indeed a dish/plate lets call them plishes :P It's so cool that his blog is still out there!!