Wednesday, 7 October 2009

she's gone out scotty!!.....

emergency repairs complete to my little hotbox kiln...woo
would you believe i got it all warmed up and ready to light the second pilot on tuesday and nope she's gone out scotty!! and again and again so i call my emergency line to kevin what should i do?? oh super mr fixet?? so off i go with safety instructions and cap in hand and change the thermocouple and wehey!!!!!! nope same result oh nuts i say....emergency call #2 and kevins on his way that night...... what a dude...

so monday i know i was supposed to fire this on the wkd but amongst my head just cracking beyond belief for 4 days and loading up all the wares i had there was still room and its just against my nature to fire not fully packed so i decoed some more plates and made some beakers to fill up, so now it's well and truly full and tomorrows the day.....

super cool, ive been glazing too so when a fresh tank arrives it'll be a glaze fire too.....and it's raku day on saturday at the club so get cracking little turbo wood firer.. i hope annas got some room, i'd love to try out some black and whites in it..if you're around drop in bbq lunch and raku from 10am....seeeeyaa..

so what's with the pic?? i hear yu ask, a little snapshot from the british museum in london.. somebody pinched their heads,? that or they've been watching 'shaun of the dead'...


  1. sorry about the kiln woes... it never comes at the right time. never heard the expression... "she's gone out scotty", i'll have to remember it. wish i could visit the british musuem... good luck with the firing

  2. So you didn't have enough gas after all Ang.Maybe I'll call in on Saturday.

  3. hey jim, all better now and firing again just lit her an hour ago...woohoo....ah that would be a combination of the original star trek expression and my best scottish accent re billy connoly's voice...ha!! the museum was enormous i wish i'd had more energy that day but inbetween lots of travelling trains and such i ran out of puff but covered most of the pots which reminds me i still have those photos to slideshow yet..mmm

    hey judith oh plenty of gas just thermocouple issues..all sorted now..yey.. see ya sat

  4. For a minute I thought the headless women were a new creation of yours! Ha. Thanks or the teabowl on Facebook it wants me to verify my email address and that is silly. Sometimes I wish these networky things would stop changing stuff so often.

  5. ha ha haaa... not quite, they're very cool eh.. i couldn't believe i was looking at the real thing after seeing too many mummy movies!! yeh me too, i do like the tea bowls though nice virtual gift..

  6. Hi Angela,
    just recieved heaps of wood from my youngest son.lots of off cuts from the house he is having built,so plenty of firing fuel for Saturday's raku.
    So excited to be firing the little rocket up again.see you sat.
    Do we need some raku glazes mixed up?let me know.

  7. ooh yes please anna, smallish crowd tomorrow me thinks...bbq's organised kevin's getting the food..