Saturday, 5 April 2008

roll on fibre

It's been a very prickly day putting in the fibre and nearly done we ran out of zircon fibre needed to complete the inner layer, I'll order some this week so maybe next weekend it will be finished.

I had a super team effort on today with kevin, jill and pam helping out with the kiln. I did a couple of try out videos on my phone but the quality's a bit rough and that's jill chatting on her phone , anywho you still get the idea...thanks all..

Doug just so you can see the buttons that hold the fibre in kevin is holding them, they have a loop on the back for the nichrome wire to go through. This get poked through the fibre and through a space between the bricks quite often the join and sometimes if I'm lucky there's a previous hole drilled through the brick, the wire is the secured carefully on to the wire frame, i say carefully cause i can't count how many times ive broken the button by pulling too tightly on the wire.

We have 4 layers of standard fibre and one layer of zircon on the door, 1 layer of each inside the kiln.

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