Monday, 7 April 2008

provence in fremantle

Just before I send this order away I thought I'd better grab some images. I made 12 of each - beakers, small and medium size bowl for a shop in fremantle it will be nice to hear how they go out west. Oh and the mighty "mud" who so wanted to get in on the pics.


  1. Tasty looking pots, are they white earthenware?

    Thanks for the button info. That fibre's really horrible stuff isn't it? I look forward to seeing it all up and running, you must be really excited after four years.

  2. No c6/7 stoneware oxidation, underglaze dec + pen drawn decoration, the inside is colourant in the same base glaze as the exterior, rather fiddley but sometimes it suits me.

    Yeh coughed a lot the next day even with a mask on.
    Mmm thinking about filling the kiln already, I think i'll go biggish and get my ash glazes out! I'll post some older images of my big stuff.