Thursday, 19 April 2012

kuru alala and locavore...

A lil moving pictures moment from the Jam Factory Adelaide tonight... so many shows so little time it seemed, the opening was held downstairs in the main gallery, there's 2 lovely spaces down there with indigenous works in them...a gorgeous wall of gumnuts that looked like teapot lids!!
the atrium space with some timber works, the collectors space in the front window and our show Locavore with Sunshine March, Minnette Michael, Natalie Gock, Timpena Williams, Anilyuru Williams, Jane Burbidge, Tom Moore, Angela Walford, Jane Robertson and Caren Ellis, in the showroom above the atrium was just a delight to be invited, thanks Wayne Mcara... if you're in town check it out :))

check out the Jam's photos pre show glimpse on facebook

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