Saturday, 4 February 2012

shoot the potter...Gus

So last monday I went to the Jam Factory ( here after know as 'the JAM' ) as you would know from the previous post on the platter project, I had planned to get Gus Clutterbuck photographed in his studio the week before but as things turned out Gus was doing a body cast when I arrived so I shot some pics of Susan Frost  instead and returned last week to do Gus's pics..

Emma Hack was in the studio when I arrived, the body cast is for her and a project she has going for a London UK exhibition more details on that when it come around.. There are quite a few videos of Emma's work as I found while hunting around for something to put on screen for our art chat last tuesday night.. the pieces I found segued nicely from each other :)) a piece on the SA art gallery into a video from the night sessions they ran last year into a piece on Emmas body art and into the Gotye film clip for which Emma did the body art and into the Hive clip I put together a virtual tour for Carley which had wouldn't you know it Gotye as the sound track... anyhoo back to Gus...

He kindly gave me free space to shoot in and put up with me saying yep just one more shot more times than I can remember.. it was nice to have so many pieces of influence around the studio, outback images with their strong red tones and bush scenes were just stunning..
Unfortunately Gus is about to lose this space moving into a smaller studio and giving this prime space as the jigger jolley room, a shame really as it's a great room with lovely light..

So thanks Gus and here's hoping we make it into The Journal of Australian Ceramics, shoot the potter edition..


  1. I heard you shoot potters over the seas- I am rethinking a plane ticket or looking into a bullet proof vest......
    great pictures ang!

  2. ha haaa shooting in the nicest possible way M :P

  3. Nice rim light on those portraits Ang!

  4. Thanks trace you should see the test self portrait shots i did before these...very moody :P

  5. Great photos! I like the light you've captured :) Glad everyone is still standing -ha!!