Wednesday, 21 September 2011

'slipware the movie'...

I'm excited about this last batch of clay....

it continues to inspire me when I should be making summery bright work I can't seem to drag myself away from the grunge!! I still want to make some heavy cooking ware before I leave it totally for the summer and who knows if I will :P

Anyhoo Ali and I did a small market at the Wheaty on Saturday and the first hour was busy and my show piece for the day sold with lots of interest in it plus a couple of orders for them so I guess that will  keep me distracted for a while... these lil beakers I made sunday arvo after trimming the grunge wares, so off to the club today with them get a kiln loaded and then finishing off the pots I threw last night for saturdays workshop!!  'slipware the movie' is finally done and gets it's first run on saturday so i'll be looking for feedback on it and no doubt tweaking it a tad before I send it overseas to my fellow trippees...

So on to Saturdays Slipware Workshop... I still have some spaces if you're thinking about coming over's 10am - 2pm ...Movies...pots... links.. blogs...BYO shared lunch and BYO leatherhard terracotta pots all that for $15... 

so come on over to TEA TREE STUDIO lot6 Crouch Rd Golden Grove
contact me ANG if you get lost!!!!! 0412 848 878


  1. Congrats on the movie! Have a fun workshop - wish I were closer and could join you!

  2. 15.00 bucks and a plane ticket! How I wish I could be there!

  3. Yes, plane ticket, hmmmm.....
    Looks like you have been totally inspired from your trip to the U.S., your work just keeps evolving and growing, looking great!

  4. hey judy....must send you a copy too :))

    hey meredith that would be awesome!!

    trace mate...yeh really allowed myself to immerse in what I love post trip... it was a great inspiration...wish you guys were just next door!!

  5. If we were next door, you couldn't keep us out of the fridge!

  6. hi ang, nice bowls, i see you got a new website/blog... nice header

  7. hey jim :)) yeh learning wordpress ...slowly...