Friday, 19 August 2011

day at the museum...

This lil trip was organised by Mellie @ Mt Barker TAFE thanks for putting the call out for this visit ... we had Jam Factory folks, TAFE, SA UNI plus extras and that would be me :)) Wednesday's trip was wet and windy what a great day to walk from the central market to the Art Gallery, the pots were just next door in the basement of course complete with Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs..

I'd heard about this stash when I was back in college but really never got around to finding it so super call M, cheers! Although unable to touch these guys it was great just to check out the pots that we have in town hiding out in there glass cupboards.. So check em out, complete with some tunes by Bjork 'It's oh so quiet' and Ian Dury and The Blockheads 'This is What We Find'...

Tonight is 'St Ignatius Art Show Opening' SALA show which continues across the wkd, so check it out Queen St Norwood tonight is ticket only entry and a gold coin entry for the wkd and then Sunday arvo I'll be at Q Gallery for our '3 Seasons Show' @ Barristers Block Winery, Onkaparinga Valley Rd Woodside so drop in for a chat and buy some art and wine peeps, see ya there :))


  1. Great tour, so much inspiration, thanks.

  2. Quite a collection - thanks for sharing!

  3. hey linda yeh I thought the same...amazing reference info and i loved the lil milk jug with tiny pouring spout on a stand..

    hey anna, very surprising and such a shame thats its tucked away but now we can all see it :))