Saturday, 1 January 2011

more of this...

more of this because i can't stop looking at these pots 
( and because photoshop is so much fun!!!)
 and I really can't wait to get into the next firing but i will have to wait as 2 days and all the shops are closed and i'm not sure if i have enough gas to fire another load... bummer

so the new year is here and I really cant believe how much was packed into last year!! it's incredible really.
A massive highlight was the journey towards and after the Clay and Blogs show thanks so much Meredith for everything I can't possibly imagine the conversations across last year involving the show... you are a trouper!!! It was a grant application hard worked for that I didn't get but learned a huge amount from, a goal to produce a new body of work which I'm so happy with... I used some skills picked up at Dougs place oooh lovely slip! combining printmaking elements which i also love and was my major for a short time at college... I now have a challenge of finding the right galleries for this new work and I'm going to enjoy taking it around to them... It was a bigger than could ever be imagined project..

Ooh and festival time is coming up again! Bring on the Fringe 2011....

And who can forget the massive 2 table mosaic project...

My new Wood Fired Raku kiln now doubling as my test kiln...

My ab fav shino glaze...

Big Mumma the club gas kiln cranking again after a 6 year break...

Thanks again to all the peeps that came out to my Open Studio sale...

and so much more in between it was a year of trials and burns with firings and this year well who knows.... some 'new' studio equipment and all the usual enthusiasm to get into it.... 'ello ello 2011'


  1. You have been a fantastic partner this year. If this were a class room setting, I'd sit next to you so I could cheat!
    I'd love to show you my smile!

  2. zyg you on the turps mate?! anyhoo happy new year :))

  3. Happy New year and what a year 2010 was- the show would not have come off without you and all those wonderful potters.
    Growth- goodness it has been amazing to watch where folks are taking their work.
    Potters- adventure is in their blood.
    It was a treat for me to see your work in person and I hope one day to visit with you as I have done others.
    Happy New Year!
    We look forward to 2011 and what is next.

  4. hey meredith oooh yeh whats next?? happy new year and hope to see you soon :))

  5. What a year you've had!! Very cool.