Saturday, 19 June 2010

big mummas off!!!

had a rippa of a day today firing the old girl in her 4th life now...she's been moved rebuilt and pulled down more times than any other kiln i know and here she blows again...a big shout out to all who had a hand in this rebuild and getting to this point yet again... we'll test, make adjustments and then get the commissioning over and complied with all the new regulations, followed by the official check and off we go! woo!

it's been a full day started at 7am by the brave who slowly coerced up to safe temp to bring in the big burners ... copious amounts of steam flowed freely from every orifice available, followed by a steady trickle from the roof too...then the rain came down and the birds sang, we scrubbed clean our newly acquired bbq, sold an old one to the theatre group.... there'll be a ward kiln on ebay soon and possibly a tetlow kiln too as we are clearing up and cashing in some assets for some other well needed new tools..

all this flurry of activity followed by a yummy bbq lunch, thanks belinda, maker of budda who is still intact despite a large pop i heard at about 160 degC... i later saw one of annas apples in the firebox so he's well toasted sorry bout that thinks something may have blown and pushed him over the edge!!

after 600C it was relatively uneventful apart from the usual studio antics....nice work team the unveiling will be tuesday night when we crack it....


  1. I love how you make the kiln firing video sexy - with the porn star style music in the beginning, lol. No disrespect intended to the artist. ;D

    Sounds like you all are really rocking and rolling!

  2. Exciting news, hope all is well inside; looking forward to the opening.

  3. hey C have you been listening to barry white???

    hi linda will find out tuesday night..

  4. waiting is the hardest guys know how to put on the dog as they say here.
    Otherwise- have a good time!

  5. hey meredith i'm not stressed about this one, i only have some cups in that i found on the shelf and curious to find out what blew!! be different if it were a glaze firing....

  6. hi ang, looks like a great day... your videos are getting bigger and more professional looking. i like the slip drawings in the previous post... they look like you had a good time doing them

  7. hey jim...cheers, yeh me too, i enjoy darwing in slip a lot but must get back to doing some of the simple ones that i originally intended though...