Friday, 17 September 2010

the clay and blogs show...

Well it's sneak peek time for The Clay and Blogs Telling a Story exhibition.. and for those of us far away and won't make it to the show itself here ya go..
My tiles that got sent on their way O/S nearly 2 weeks ago now, I hope they arrived safely... I apologise for the icky lighting.. I took these images, so evidently on my list a nice overhead soft light for next year, maybe i should do it now while i'm in shopping spree mode, found a cute lil printer online this week and since the old lazer printer is being a drama queen it seemed appropriate and timely for some of those flyers i'll be printing above..

More teapots are on the go this week in between you know the other job and studio time its been tight this week..  Some groovy lil handbuilt cups came together this week too for christmas season, all the markets and shows are starting to line up including The Art at the Hart 2010 which i'm doing with my buds Ali and Rose this year..

I wish i could have sent larger works for this show but the grant didn't come through this time!! but next time who knows... grant land is a totally different world and hopefully i've learned some of the ropes now :)) 

Click on the images for a closer look.. 

My lil flyer will be going out soon and don't forget to have a look at the online portion of this show click on the red button in my sidebar... Works from around the globe and wow what a collection this would make!!


  1. These are awesome Ang!! I don't know if I'll make the opening but I'm going to get down to see the show for sure. Can't wait to see these in person.

  2. Fantastic work Ang! I wish I could make it to the show, but I have just as far to go as you do...
    I would dearly love to have one of the flyers (if it's not too much trouble) for my classroom. Have an awesome weekend!

  3. Too bad you can't be there, Ang. We're driving down at the end of next week, visiting some other folks on the way to the show. We'll raise a glass to you.

  4. Those look great sprawled across the page! I can't pick a favorite...
    Love the flyer too!

  5. Thanks Ang for joining us in the show- wish you could be here!

  6. Super surfaces and colors, can't wait to see them in person, we'll miss you for sure.

  7. Your tiles are just so wonderful! Can't wait to see them in person. Luckily, I'll be driving my pieces down next week, but yeah that shipping is a bear. I sent a few things to Paul and it was quite a bit. Should be free shipping for artists!

  8. hi ang, i love love love those tiles... i seldom see the loose spontaneity of watercolor or other painting techniques carried out so successfully through the fire. they are beautiful. teapots are looking good in the previous post too.

  9. Hey Ron, i'll be toasting from here!!
    hey mr Y, sure give me your email and i'll flick a flyer your way...
    Hollis my man..! in the nicest possible way!! enjoy the drive and elbows bent to you guys too!!
    Howdy zyg, yeh i do like a bit of white space :)) cheers man

    Wow and Meredith thankyou for the invite it has truly been a treat to create some new work for this show.. I wish also but maybe another time... :)) enjoy the opening!!
    Hey linda, cheers hope you have a great time at the show too..
    Trace sweeeet, thankyou.. yeh ouch!! i'll suggest the free artist shipping to australia post they'll prob give me a chuckle right back though!!!
    Jimbo cheers man, aww you're too has indeed been an inspirational project and a great one for new directions!! ta mucho :))

  10. LOVELY Ang! I've nominated you for a "Life is Good" blog award :o) I love your writing and taking a peek on what's happening in your part of the world. You can read about the nomination on my blog via Linda Starr.

  11. Hey guys! I cannot WAIT to see those tiles in person and I do HOPE that you locals will be there! I am flying in from NJ on the 1st for the opening and staying until the 3rd...I am truly looking forward to it!

  12. aww sweet cheers cindy, yeh my writing is pretty c**p at the best of times but i hope the pictures make up for it :)) i did check your list out and chuckled quite a bit and be warned you may not get quite what you expect from mwa!!! I'll give it my best shot!!

    hey judi, see with your hands :)) and hope its a super show!! A FEW TOASTS WILL BE IN ORDER ME THINKS... If we can get the time right i hope somebody will vid skype me...

  13. Those tiles are terrific, a spontaneity which really works is a delight to see. Wish I could see the Clay and Blogs show but hey, with all those bloggers going we shall get some interesting insider reviews. And those teapots look like they could get up and dance. Nice one.

  14. hey christine ta mucho, love a bit of fresh slip!!! Well it better be a well documented show all those happy snappers in one place should be a blast...:)) shhh teapots are taking dancing lessons...