Monday, 31 January 2011

it's up there....

This has to be one of the most frustrating commissions I have worked on ... it's up there... hey all have their challenges but this one has it on multiple levels...
Having said that I'm back to the wheel a few remakes to be done and i feel I have a handle on the glaze now, just pouring in its future dipping, no swishing nice smooth edges to rim and def. no layering... brushing works quite nicely too..

 Just a little hot maybe on the second firing of these platters the glaze has bubbled a bit but its smooth and the surface feels much nicer..
It is a wealth of knowledge gained on every firing and i'm thinking the extra heat work has helped a lot and that the max temp doesn't need to be reached on the second firing so they can go in with my standard clear glaze next time...

Well it's stinking hot out there today 42C today....and the studio is hot hot hot.

my pots form the wkd are under plastic wet towels and more plastic...they certainly are getting the treatment out there...

And last tuesday Anna and I headed up to Murray Bridge Regional Gallery to take some work in I took some lil birdie pieces and some of my landscape wall tiles....I have a few of those that still need their wall hanging systems attached and a rather large one i'd like to fire higher too...its looking a bit pink to me, you know the underdone look.. 

So the River Murray is looking dirty as ever and very wet!!
The river bank marker has the flood levels from previous years the last one i remember was in the 70's. We are at the tail end of the River and generally the garbage end...where the mouth washes out to sea at Goolwa the silt builds up and over the past years of drought it was thought it would block off totally..... never did though!!

I could go into the whole why are we growing rice and cotton that needs so much water in a country as dry as ours but I shall resist!!
And why are we still waiting for the government to sort out a fair share of the water for the states???

Anyhoo thats enough of that... Anna and I had a lovely lunch in the cafe here at the river all be it a little more expensive than we were looking for but it was a great setting and really super service..


  1. Hi ang! send or bring some hot with you and we will mix it with our cold.
    It is funny how you test and learn your way through a project- I did that with the mural and Sat. when I was glazing tiles I thought now what did I do????

  2. Well, the color on the plates is lovely, isn't that the way, the prettiest stuff is the biggest pain to reproduce, all of my raku glazes are like that. what is up with commission work, it never wants to go the way you want it to know matter what! Beautiful spot for lunch, guess you have to pay for the view too :)

  3. Acck! The pressure of commissions!! For some reason there is way more pressure for things to be just right when it's a commission. I've learned to make two at a time with sculptures commissions, let the customer pick and the pressure is gone -but with a whole set of pottery -yikes! The plate is beautiful :o) Mmmmm that warm (hot!) sunshine looks good to me!

  4. that would be nice meredith :)) frustrating and a learning curve every time thats why i'm trying to document everything as much as i can

    hey trace the colour and finish is mystifying different everytime!! yep we paid for the view but no a/c on the balcony and a bit humid that day

    ha cindy i have lost 10 platters on this one so far dunts all over the place..getting close now though i'm going to make maybe 3 more just to cover my odds then im fnished woohoo

  5. hi ang, damn, those are some big plates... i don't envy you there. on the weather front tho, maybe as i sit here shivering. good luck with the commission

  6. they sure is jim :)) engaged the whole arm throwing with these... i think you could possibly defrost here...

  7. The pots look really pretty! So even if it was a huge challenge, it looks like it was worth it!